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You Still Have a Purpose to Pursue By Katherine Young

Twenty twenty-two (2022) seemed to have gone by in a whirlwind. Still adjusting to our “new normal,” keeping up with the pace of change is not an option but a necessity if we want to thrive and not just merely survive. But in this moment, reflect on your year: the great, the mundane, the bad, and even the ugly. Inhale, count to three, and then exhale. Guess what? Whatever you may have experienced this year, you are still here.

Your purpose in life still needs to be fulfilled. Regardless of your age, you matter. Tell yourself that: I MATTER. It may sound trivial, but do you know that whatever you believe about yourself is what you project? Whatever you believe guides your life and consequentially determines how you live.

Consider what you have been telling yourself this year. Have you wavered on commitments to your health, your mental state, your finances, your gifts, your joy? Or have you propelled through life’s terrain sharing your boundaries, persevering through turmoil, ignoring the drama, creating revised budgets to be debt-free, examining your inner and outer work, seeking to live your best life? No matter what is going on around you, you have the power to determine that each day is a new day where you can make a new decision to be better.

Not competing against anyone else but your yesterday self, you can choose to live life with purpose on purpose. If you are stressed, pray and devise a plan to release it so that it does not deteriorate your greatness. If you feel good about your progress, celebrate and keep going, enjoying every moment. Relish in the fact that you are around for a reason. You matter. Show up and be the Greatest YOU that you can be.