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You Got Charged! By Michelle D. Sanders


By Michelle D. Sanders

Michelle Sanders photoEvery Bride and Groom has this fear, you pay for your reception hall, plan the menu and pay for each place setting and only half of the people attend the reception. “You” (Bride and Groom) still have to pay for the meals that were reserved.

Well, let’s look at some alternatives to this scenario:

First, the Bride and Groom should plan on— not all guests will attend for various reasons and emergencies do arise. When planning for meals look at what you can afford and make sure your menu will cover just that “what you can afford”. Most planners for weddings will order 10% over what is expected as there are always last-minute RSVP’s and unexpected guests you approve to come. The 10% rule means you are not stressing, your guests are happy and you can enjoy your day.

The second alternative would be to list in your contract with the venue and caterer that you are invoiced according to the number of meals actually served. This way you can track the meals based on the amount you plan to spend. Once you have reached capacity there will be no more meals served. It might be uncomfortable for your guests who didn’t RSVP, but for those who could not make it last-minute it saves you the stress that you paid for a meal and the person didn’t show up.

Wedding Etiquette to the Guest – If unsure you are going to attend don’t RSVP that you will. If you do plan to attend but something last-minute comes up contact the venue and leave a message for the coordinator of the wedding that you apologize but an emergency has taken place and to please let the Bride and Groom know and accept your apologies. This way you took the initiative to contact them so they know not to expect you and the coordinator can work out the details with the caterer. If you can’t make the reception at least send a gift or monetary gift to the Bride and Groom. No-one wants to see you get hit with an open invoice for missing an event.

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