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Why she stole your hoodie By Meicka “J”

Women have been wearing their significant other’s piece of clothing since forever. It’s like wearing a token of love. A broken in, worn sweatshirt or hoodie is the sign of affection. Many women feel that wearing or being given something that once belonged to someone else gives them a personal connection as his scent triggers great memories.

Many years ago when a man gave a woman a class ring, jacket or sweater it was part of a dating ritual. Nowadays women crave something comfortable, roomy, and warm. It’s actually a compliment if she steals your hoodie, it’s marking her territory! This piece of clothing is the most kept item during romance and after break-ups. Any woman who has stolen your heart has most likely stolen your hoodie. It doesn’t matter how a relationship ended because she kept the hoodie right? The perfect size and enough to keep you warm is the ultimate wardrobe staple. The heather gray zip-ups seem to favor most women as they can be worn with just about anything from yoga pants, leggings, and jeans. Oversized and makes her appear smaller is a girl’s best friend. A great fitting hoodie can’t be bought it must be given. Who knew that worn piece of clothing with faded letters of a favorite sports team or college could carry so much weight?