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Why are you all asleep? Chama St. Louis, Founder, Black Justice Project

When you’re neutral, please know you’ve chosen a side. A lot of you have chosen not to have an opinion or a stance in crisis situations, when you should pick a side. 

You need more proof that something unjust DID happen when law enforcement is involved, but you never ask for more proof from law enforcement in defense of those you can no longer speak for themselves. 

Really? Are we really okay with just a press release of their (law enforcement’s) account of what happened? That’s enough for you? The same department that has members of their own team suing them? The same department who’s racial profiling stats and arrest mimic that of Ferguson Missouri? 

Are you really okay that there were no witnesses and no dash cam footage? Are you ok with a mentally ill man gunned down and shot 20 times by assault rifle that tore holes in his body the size of an orange, destroying 75% of his body? 

THIS IS WHY as black people in Peoria, advancement won’t happen at the rate it should and can. Too many black elites are neutral in situations that require them to be either hot or cold.  Not enough blacks, age 35 and under, care about what’s going on outside of their personal circles. 

There is a black CRISIS happening in this city. We as a black community should be declaring our own state of emergency. Our children are killing each other. Is that not enough for you to spring into action?

Don’t wait until something happens to your family member or loved one before you get serious about these issues. We can’t always be reactive. In order to truly save lives, we must be proactive! However, both require us to be active in some way. The large majority of Peoria’s black community is dormant.

These tragedies haven’t happened to my personal family or people I really know here in Peoria.  However, I stand up and speak for them anyway. This is natural for me to do because I love people. I don’t want to see my people or any person hurt and suffering. Where is your compassion? 

This isn’t the time for actions to be done behind closed doors. This is the time for you to speak up and speak out. When people see that you’ve joined the movement others will join too. The time to wake up has been long overdue. Justice and equality in black communities doesn’t just happen by chance. It’s a clear and concise, well thought out plan of action that brings about equality and justice. It’s a unified movement. It’s recognizing that things are not as they should be and working together as one unit to correct the disparity.