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“Who Killed Me” Poster Campaign By Yolanda Wallace, Founder/Coordinator, Jon Buckley Memorial Garden

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the “Who Killed Me” Poster Campaign. We are teaming up this year with the new Chief of Police E. Echevarria. We have worked with the Peoria Police and Crime Stoppers in the past. Echevarria is the first Chief who wants to collaborate with our efforts. They needed something to launch the TIP411 line to get answers about crimes. We needed them to get answers about a crime that was unsolved. So, we updated our flyers by adding TIP411 to them. It’s a perfect fit!

So, you may ask what is TIP411? TIP411 is a free mobile app to help residents connect with the police department to find informa­tion, view alerts, and submit anonymous tips from their smart­phone. For more information and testimonies, you can visit

The “Who Killed Me” poster campaign was started in 2012. The idea came as a result of not knowing who killed my son, Jon Buckley in 2006. That was the first time, I’d ever posted one. I didn’t know who killed him for 1-2 weeks. Dur­ing that time, I remember feeling like I must know- Who killed my son? Somebody knows some­thing! Our family put up so many posters around town, the day before the funeral, they had a sus­pect.

As time went on, I started helping as many people as I could to put up posters. Of course, I work with a graphic designer, Whip Lash production. I give him the idea and he makes it happen. For each family, a parent or next to kin signs a photo release. They submit a photo and show proof with an obituary that states their relationship to the deceased and that’s it.

God forbid something would happen to me or you! You’d want someone to call the Police, right?

This poster campaign encourages just that!

Who will speak for me when I’m gone?

Call Crime Stoppers or TIP411!

The “Who Killed Me” poster campaign is only one of the Jon Buckley Memorial Garden programs: A memorial garden is located in Peoria at 600 N.E. Water Street (behind the River Plex).

For more information, you may contact me on Facebook or at