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Who is in Your Corner? By Cleo Dailey III (Modernday Lazurus)

Luke 1:39-45 “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep…”

There is a fear bigger than anything in this world. It supersedes the fear of pests, bullies, and holiday fruitcake. It is the fear of being alone. It is often an unspoken phobia that causes us to live beneath our right, above our means, and in spite of our wounds. It is the greatest cause of addiction, and the least dealt with subject on Earth. This holiday season, we hit it head on, as we meditate on the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Imagine being no more than a preteen living a life full of plans and dreams. Mary was everything a well brought up Jewish girl was thought to be. She knew her expectations, and she gladly welcomed them. She did not know that one encounter would change everything. Mary, while newly engaged to a carpenter, had a chance encounter with an angel who told her that she was chosen to change the world. Frightened and alone, Mary was worried about what all of this would mean to her future. Mary did not want to handle the cranial pressure of over thinking it. She knew that she had to get somewhere where she could find support. Mary also understood that the most important time in a pregnancy is the first trimester, where the risk of losing the child is higher. Mary had choices to make. She chose to get up and get away. Mary found herself in the company of her older cousin, one who had a similar encounter. Elizabeth was a mature mother, having been barren for most of her marriage; she was visited with the news that she would also become a mother. She knew what Mary was going through, and at their first encounter the baby inside of her leaped with joy. So what does all of this mean?

Time is filled with swift transition. One minute you can have everything figured out. The next, everything can seem like a blur. You cannot allow yourself to grieve or to grow in isolation, for in those times you are vulnerable. It has been said over and over the holiday season is one of the hardest times of the year for many. This understanding tells us that, like Mary, you have to protect the baby inside of you. Protect the gift, the dream, the confirmation inside of you by placing it in an environment that is conducive to its growth. Mary most assuredly had friends in the town she lived; but Mary needed to be around one who had been through what she was going through and made it to the full term. Your company matters in your uncomfortable season! Further, Mary had the august responsibility of doing a thing that could potentially alter life forever for her.

Perhaps you are grieving this season. Perhaps you are faced with career, family, or life changes that challenge your confidence. The very first thing you must understand is that God would never call you to a thing that He is not certain to bring you through. The responsibility you have through this work is to keep faith, and do an inventory on your surroundings. Who is in your corner? Are they like-minded? Are they experienced? Can they show you emotions or results? You were chosen to live the life that you have for a specific reason. Let nothing ever abort the baby inside of you.

-Modernday Lazurus

Cleo Dailey, III is a minister, freelance writer, and author who has written for several city and nation-wide publications. He is currently releasing his newest memoirs this summer while studying to obtain a degree in both English and Clinical Psychology in Peoria, IL.