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Who and What She Is By DECB, SR.

If God had not given mothers

The love which is so great

As any love here in thee earth

What would be our fate?

Their love and care is top shelf

I ask you search out truth

Go way inside the heart in you

Go way back in your youth

And recall all those daybreaks

Where she gave you that morning kiss

At bedtime, gently tucked you in

Sweet mother, how I miss

Those days as you held my hand

As you walked me to school

That gentle way you helped me pray

To learn life’s golden rule

That should we do to others

The way God wants us to

These mothers that all come from

God’s love will shine on you

So on this very special day

But for sure there’s many more

Days where mothers are supreme

So never under score.

Thoughts Out of My Mind

April 2021