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When I was Hungry You Fed Me Not By Cheryll Boswell

Recently the President of the United States Press Secretary, Sara Huckabee-Sanders, was asked to leave a small restaurant located in Lexington Virginia. She was singled out by the owner of the Little Red Hen restaurant because of the work she is doing for the President. Whether or not you like Ms. Huckabee-Sanders, there was not a lot fan fare about her being asked to leave this restaurant. Make no mistake I’m not a fan of the President or his press secretary. We all know if this person was of color, namely African American her being asked to leave would not have quietly been pushed to the back burner, and rightfully so.

The owner of the little Red Hen, Helen Wilkinson missed an opportunity to engage Ms. Huckabee in a conversation and share that conversation with the world. The owner has gone on record stating she decided she did not want to serve anyone that worked in an unethical administration. Ms. Wilkinson felt Huckabee-Sanders defended Trumps decision to bar transgender people from the military and she defended his policy on separating migrant children from their parents. Several of the staff at the restaurant are gay and the owner felt this was an opportunity to defend her staff. Instead of engaging Ms. Sanders and asking what her personal stance is on separating children from their parents, she asked her to leave.

For many of us some of our best lessons learned happened while sitting around the kitchen table, maybe doing homework or having a family conversation during a meal. We go to business meetings and conferences for work and one of the first things we do is eat. Food is one of those basic necessities that must be attained before we can move on to any other physiological needs. For example, Ms. Sanders probably wasn’t thinking about her car, or money, or even POTUS. Girlfriend was hungry and was focused on just spending time with her friends enjoying a meal. The bible states if your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat, and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink. Biblically Jesus fed the multitudes and his disciples before he taught them any Christian lessons.

While Ms. Sanders was not on the clock when visiting the Virginia restaurant, she is entitled to eat and drink in public eateries like everyone else. The challenge is, she is doing her job so well in defending a President that mocks our justice system, disrespects women, and hates free press, the line of civility has been pushed back and changed to a new low. Discord and disrespect are all too common these days coming from the White House. Sanders got some of the venom returned to her that she’s been dishing out.

When civility and respect gets redirected into hostility and discord we all pay the price. Asking the press secretary to leave a restaurant instead of asking about the children who have been separated from their parents due to the stance POTUS has taken on immigration, both could have walked away with an ah ha moment. The ability to have someone sit down and eat with you is one of the greatest opportunities to learn from each other.