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When Doves Cry By Robin Carter

This article is written in reference to the Song Writer, Music Producer, and Singer of “all times,” Prince Rogers Nelson. It is evident that the song had significant meaning to him outside of the song itself. It seems to be symbolizing a feeling of pain and agony. Crying Doves in his case seemed to refer to what happens when two people who were once in love start to disagree and fight often.

In this world’s current situation the sound of Doves crying reminds me of the past couple of weeks in the City of Peoria. It has been difficult in learning of all the shootings/killings and people losing their lives in my community. I realize that it is happening all over the world, but when this type of trouble happens just yards from where you live, it’s devastating. Some of the killings have yet to be solved, leaving family members and friends “terrified and shocked.” In cases like these “crying Doves could be the voices of the mother and father who yet mourn the loss of their child/children through senseless killings.

Peoria authorities are now waiting to uncover facts about the two Peoria women that have been found dead on this past Saturday in different areas. My thought is, “Lord, what is this world coming to?” Only He knows. We are confronted with “hate crimes” murders, burglaries and theft crimes, and it is happening on a day-to-day basis. How do we remain safe in such a violent world? Certainly, everyone gets angry, upset or mad at some point in their life, but we must learn how to handle anger without violence. We need to educate our youth and family members on the idea that violence is never the correct answer. We need to get involved with community programs and activities such as the “StopThe Violence” committee and learn about what their aim is in getting these things corrected.

In the meantime, if you ever find yourself in an unfamiliar place such as a “fight or flight” situation, never be afraid to run. And if you witness a situation that is getting out of hand, get help or run to safety, then call for help to the scene of the incident. If you live alone, always secure all doors, and make sure windows are locked down tightly, leaving no room for an intruder to enter. Also keep a light on around your house at night; burglars do not like to be seen. Keep your car doors locked and keep all valuables out of sight. If you need to carry things such as briefcases or bags in your car; lock them in the trunk. We must do all that we can to prevent violence and if all else fails, get yourself a dog. Take good care of the dog and keep it in a place where it is not harmful to others. Keep him/her safe and they will keep you safe.

Far too many lives have been taken over the course of two weeks. Not to mention the mass killings that took place in Las Vegas on this past week. It is very sad. When I think of it all, tears form in my eyes. This is a cry for help; for the sounds of the Doves to me at this time symbolizes love, hurt, pain and mourning for the loss of our loved ones.