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What’s Your Sock Game Looking Like? By Meicka “J”

Now that the tank tops and flip flops have been traded in, most of us are excited about the cooler weather approaching. Once the temperatures cool down, most people still find comfort until the temp drops to the lower 60’s. When it gets chilly, it’s time to pull out your “sock game.” Now would be a great time to invest in your socks as selections are still plentiful. Socks seem to be the item most of us forget about until needed. It seems that each year my sock supply diminishes, so I have to stock up annually. I’m not sure if the dryer eats them, but I’m always missing a mate. I start getting my “sock game” together around September before selections get picked over with fall shopping. Local discount and department stores are ideal places to look.

Knee socks are perfect with riding boots as they make the perfect statement piece. Socks are an inexpensive accessory to complete your wardrobe. Average prices for a pair of socks vary from $2.00-10.00. Knee socks worn with riding boots, paired with leggings, and cuffed jeans are a stylish way to show off your cool statement piece. Novelty socks, give you that extra pop of color or humor available in ankle and crew length sizes and look great paired with booties, loafers, oxfords, or sneakers. I even spotted socks designed with “cups of coffee” for coffee lovers. Let’s not forget how socks can be a great stocking stuffer or gag gift. Socks are inexpensive and practical; you cannot go wrong with a pair. The Novelty, is created for every hobby, holiday, and personality what a cool way to make a statement without saying a word! What’s your sock game looking like?