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What Not to Include in Resume By Nyrobi Wheeler, MBA

Here are sections that should not be included in your resume.

Too Much Information

Make sure to only include employment, teaching and/or volunteer experience that pertains to the career you want to pursue. Make sure to only go back 5-7 years in terms of employment history.

Spelling and/or Grammatical Errors

Make sure your resume and other career documents (i.e., cover letter, references, thank you letter) are free of errors. Use Grammarly or Hemingway App to ensure your documents are free from errors. Avoid using MS Word because it is not accurate at catching errors.

Don’t Add False Information

Make sure to provide honest information throughout your resume regarding work, teaching and/or volunteer experience. Providing false information can be grounds for not being offered a position or losing a position if hired

Avoid using small text within your resume

Using small text within a resume makes it hard for recruiters to read and likely can result in a resume being rejected.

Don’t Include References

References should be on a separate document from resume, which should be brought with you during an interview

Don’t Include A Photo

Never include a photograph of yourself on a resume. A photo can be a distraction to a recruiter who is focusing on your skill sets and education that pertains to the job that you are applying for.