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Wedding in Paradise or Not By Michelle D. Sanders

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Michelle Sanders

Have you considered running away to get married because you thought it would be less hassle?

Well, let’s look at the Pro’s and Con’s of having the famous Designation Wedding.


It could be just the two of you and it is as easy as 1-2-3.

You can arrange yourself by contacting the resort or looking online for package deals for Honeymooners or Vaycay getaways. Have the resort get your florist and photographer. They always have staff for these occasions.

You don’t have to get everyone there, just a handful of people if you choose.

You don’t have to pay a coordinator to do your wedding, get a venue, send out invites or search for a color scheme, etc.

Let the resort know you want their excursion packages for newlyweds and have them coordinate your stay.


The biggest problem I see would be your Marriage License. Make sure all is legal when you travel abroad.

You may need a coordinator or a travel agent to do the leg work if you can’t coordinate it or work with the resort which will cause extra $$$ out of your budget.

The biggest part of a Designation Wedding is everyone has to pay for the airfare, dress attire, and resort. “How much do they love you guys?” Yes, this could be quite expensive for your guest.

This is just a brief summary of the pluses to a designation wedding and the downside. Whatever you do, research and educate yourself and stick to your budget.

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