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Warmth of Sankofa – Haters are Motivators By Mae Catherine Godhigh

Let them talk

So you can learn how to walk

Straight into your destiny

Marvel at the mystery

Let them run your name

Upon their heads

They’ll reap open shame

Hold your peace

Let God fight your battle

While they whisper

Conspire and tattle

God is turning your pain into power

Preparing you for a coming-out hour

Oh the places you’ll go

Soaring to new heights

They’ll never know

God will spread a table

And make them come

To your celebration and elevation

A guest at your party

Lock jaw and numb

Defeated and dumb

The more they work against you

The more our Daddy will see you through

Yes favor is fair

Just ask His heirs

Setbacks turned

Into set-ups

Midnights turned into day

The haters thought

Got cha down

For the last count

They never got the memo

About the supernatural bounce

Shout unto God

Praise Him every step of the way

Pray for them and bless them too

As the God of Glory is magnified in you

Excerpt from Uncle Peaches & Nem’

~ Poetry Café’ Aulait ~ Volume 1