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Wake Up and Love Yourself—Including Your Hair By Breona Bynum

I enjoy doing natural hair because it is a true extension of who we are as God created us. But I am concerned about the number of women, mainly African American women, who have sat in my seat within the past two to three years and have lost their hair permanently due to extensive misuse of chemicals combined with taking medications that have had adverse effects on their hair. What is the main effect? Extreme alopecia, which means complete balding or loss of one’s hair. In plain terms: the hair does not come back.

Ladies, it is unwise to say that you’ve been mistreating your hair for multiple years and then when you are ready to have certain hairstyles or a certain hair length, you expect your hair to bounce back from the abuse. This is unrealistic thinking. In addition, what you eat and drink really does affect your body. If you don’t drink water, then your hair will be brittle and dry. It won’t be shiny and full of life. If you are not eating fruits and vegetables that will build your body—including your hair—you will not have healthy hair. Period.

Even with the mis-education about chemical use and the way we have been taught how to apply it to our hair—this lack of knowledge has really damaged many African American women’s hair. We only needed to add the relaxer to new growth, but instead, we were adding it to much more, thus creating unnecessary issues with our hair.

Ladies, we must do better. Please be your body and hair’s first advocate. We should want to have an option to wear extensions or weaves instead of feeling forced to because we are trying to cover bald spots. The state of your hair does matter. Do not fool yourself.

When you know better, you do better. You can start taking care of your body and your hair. And if you do have bald spots, try seeking natural solutions if possible to care for your body. Love on the hair that you do have and know that for extreme alopecia, there is no cure. But as a believer, it doesn’t hurt you to seek God in prayer for wisdom and guidance. And if you know that you have been abusing your hair: STOP! Practice drinking more water and eating fruits and vegetables that can enhance your life because the health of the hair starts from within. Love every part of you. You are worth it!