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Tunnels Where I Find By DECB, Sr.

As I run back through tunnels
Those places where I found
Such joy I tell you true now
To wrap my mind around

Sweet goodness, how those old days 
Love music, I loved to play 
The school dance was a nice time
My heart now melts away

That walking home was so nice
As young kids loved to do
The friends you made unafraid
You loved them, through and through

As I run back where seasons
Came but did no harm
But now somehow, they’re changing
As science sounds alarm

Because these days grow hotter
These winters seem unkind
Thee icebergs melt much faster
As people run to find

Drier ground to live on
Huge snow caps melt away
People shoot others for sport
So as I write, I pray

To God, please keep them open
These tunnels of my mind
To help me travel where peace was
In loving gone bye time.

From Thoughts Out of My Mind
July 2021