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Trump…. Please! The Struggle Continues…. By Sherry Cannon

(Editor’s Note: Since this piece was written, Donald Trump has made a couple of intentional stops to meet with predominately African-American voters. In North Philadelphia, he met with elected officials and clergy at a charter school. He also attended service at Great Faith Ministries International in Detroit, along with Ben Carson.)

Sherry-Cannon-photo1I’m not sure if it’s cultural or simply because I’m Mendill Green-Farris’ baby girl, but I can spot BS a mile away.  It pains me to listen to Donald Trump make speeches, but for the sake of being an informed electorate I suffer through them.   My BS antenna was on heightened alert when I heard Donald Trump beginning to make appeals for African-American votes.   

The fact that he made these appeals in predominantly white communities in front of white crowds was the first BS indicator. Trump promised to change our lives, if every African-American would honor him with their vote. Even though he has turned down invitations to speak before the NAACP, United Urban League, and Black & Hispanic Journalist Conventions, nor has he visited one Black church or one HBCU, yet he says that he is concerned about our lives, and needs oops I mean wants our vote…. Trump please!

From West Bend Wisconsin about an hour from Milwaukee, where there has been a lot of unrest after the killing of a young black man by Milwaukee police, Trump slammed those protestors and promised under his Regime there would be more law and order.

He promised more law enforcement, more community engagement, and more effective policing and believes that the problem in our “poorest communities” is not that there are too many police, but that there are not enough police.  He went on to say, that the war on police must stop. Trump never mentioned the number of young African-American men and women that have been killed by law enforcement.

Trump stated that Democratic crime policies, education policies, and economic policies have only produced more crime, more broken homes, and more poverty.   He gave stats that were clearly not true, in which he claimed that killings in Milwaukee had increased by 69% in one year, that its poverty rate was nearly double the national average, and that 4 out of 10 African-American men between the ages of 25-54 were unemployed.  He said that Milwaukee has a 60% graduation rate and has the worst public school system in the country.  

At another rally in Dimondale, Michigan Trump referred to African-Americans living in Detroit as Refugees.  There he spoke into the camera to African-Americans, because again there were no Black people in the crowd saying, “you’re living in poverty, your schools are terrible, and 50% of your youth are unemployed, what do you have to lose by trying something new and voting for me”. Trump please!

Again quoting incorrect statistics, he said that 40% of Detroit’s African-American community lived in poverty, that half of all Detroit’s residents do not work, and that Detroit tops the list of the most dangerous cities, in terms of violent crimes.  

Both Wisconsin and Michigan have Republican governors, which we all understand has more to do with the conditions in their state than any president would have.   Governor Walker of Wisconsin has been relentless in his attempt in destroying Wisconsin’s public unions and has cut taxes for the wealthiest people of his state. He refused to accept the Affordable Care Act, and has the 44th worse economy in the country.   

We only have to look at Flint to know how Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder’s policies have affected the lives of its African-American citizens.  Again Trump had no comment about the poisoning of Flint by Snyder’s Administration while making his appeal for Michigan’s African-Americans vote. 

Trump has kicked Black protestors out of rally’s.  He has called Black people thugs, told them to go get a job, to go home to their mama… that same week, after asking for African-Americans votes, a dark-skinned Indian-American Trump supporter was kicked out of his Charlotte NC campaign rally. Trump please!

 He is the same guy that led the birther movement, demanding that President Obama prove his citizenship.  PolitiFact has confirmed that 91% of what Trump claims is false. Like my Aunt Arnetta used to say about someone known to embellish the truth, “you can always tell when Donald Trump’s lying, cause his lips are moving”.

Dr. Maya Angelou taught us that, ” When people show you who they are, believe them the first time”. In 1973 Trump and his father was sued by the Justice Dept. for violating the Fair Housing Act for refusing to rent to African-Americans. In 1989 Trump launched a public campaign to re-instate the death penalty in New York against 5 young Black & Latino men, who were falsely accused of beating and raping a young white woman in Central Park. They served years in prison and later won a 41-million-dollar law-suit against the state of New York. During this presidential run, he has retweeted numerous racist remarks made by white supremacist.

Donald Trump’s character or lack thereof has been on full display for decades to the African-American community and no last-minute change of strategy was going to move one Black person’s vote his way. These speeches have always been for those suburban white people who are skittish about voting for a self-proclaimed bigot. This so-called out-reach to the African-American community was designed to give white people cover and to ease their conscious in order to garner their vote in November.

No matter how this new campaign crew dresses him up, the one thing I agree with Sarah Palin on is, you can put lipstick on a pig, but at the end of the day, it will still be a pig. Trump please!