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Tribute To Elise Allen: Remembering A Wise Woman By Rev. Linda Butler, Transition Care Specialist

Rev. Linda Butler

When I heard about Elise Allen’s earth to heaven transition, it came at a time that I had begun a new biblical study on Ecclesiastes. I found Solomon’s observations on life and death of perfect timing for my mourning and celebration of her life. Solomon begins his collection of writings on earthly living with observation of human activity. He asks, “What does a person gain for all their efforts that they labor at under the sun?” What did Elise Allen gain? A satisfaction that she helped to make the world better. Elise Allen helped a community to understand the issues that affected them culturally. She used the Traveler Weekly Newspaper to inspire pride in a community. She gave a community a voice in public affairs. The newspaper provided marketing choices for people of particular needs and interests.

Solomon also observed that there is an occasion for everything and a time for every activity under the heaven. He wrote there is a time to give birth and a time to die. Elise Allen gave birth to 11 children and died at the age of 100. She was a wife for 61 years and a mother for more than 70 years. There are three generations of grandchildren totaling 87. Solomon said enjoying life is the reward of our days on this earth. Elise’s obituary and the tributes by family and community is evidence that Elise lived a full life personally, professionally and socially. Her 100 years and all she experienced within that time was her earthly reward of living with purpose and enjoyment.

Another Ecclesiastic saying that can be found in the life lived by Elise Allen is the importance of reverence for God and to live by his perspective. Elise was a woman of Christian faith which allowed her to follow God in an earthly purpose and preparation for her future in eternity. Now that she is in the presence of the One who gives wise instruction to this world, we see evidence of her wise living.

In reference to another saying of Solomon, he wrote: A good name is better than fine perfume, and the day of one’s death is better than the day of one’s birth. November 3, 2021, was the best day for Elise Allen.

I am honored to be a contributing writer for the Traveler Weekly Newspaper. The hard work, good name, and wisdom of Elise Allen I will always remember and celebrate.