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Tri-County Urban League Announces Retirement of President

CEO of Tri-County Urban League,
Laraine E. Bryson

After twenty-seven years as the CEO of Tri-County Urban League, Laraine E. Bryson has announced her intentions to retire during the first quarter of 2021. Under Bryson’s leadership, Tri-County Urban League has a solid and sustainable endowment, secured large federal and state grants for the future. Bryson has also led the establishment of numerous new programs and initiatives that have engaged more community partners, stakeholders, and clients and will only grow in the benefits they provide.

“Mrs. Laraine Bryson has been and continues to be an outstanding leader in the Peoria Community, the Illinois Tri-County area, and in the Urban League Movement nationwide. Her countless contributions during the past twenty-seven years have created equitable opportunities for success, empowered people, and improved lives. On behalf of the Tri-County Urban League Board of Directors, we congratulate Mrs. Bryson on her many contributions to the wellbeing of those in need – in our community, and we wish her “All the Best” of good fortune and good health in her upcoming retirement.” said Glen Ross, Board Chairperson.

“The Tri-County Urban League is truly grateful for the outstanding leadership and superior community services that Mrs. Bryson has provided.” said Dr. Maxine Wortham, Board Chairperson First Vice “I have established a lifelong friendship with an Urban League warrior, and even though Mrs. Bryson is retiring, our friendship will not. Thank you for your tireless efforts in the movement” said Theodia Gillespie, CEO of Quad County Urban League.

Bryson noted, “I take pride in the work that we have accomplished because I always wanted to leave an organization as strong as, or better than the one I received. I feel I have accomplished my goal and realize it is time to pass the baton on to the next leader to continue this journey of empowering our people to be the best they can be. I am excited to watch the growth and success of the Tri-County Urban League in the coming years.”

Mrs. Bryson has received numerous honors during her career, including the National Trial Competition Award of Merit, the Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Medal of Excellence in Advocacy, the Milton F. Napier Trial Award, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drum Major Award for Civil Rights (1998), 40 Leaders Under 40 (1994), YWCA Leader Luncheon Award for Civil Rights (1996) and African American Hall of Fame Inductee. She was elected the Central Regional Vice President, representing 42 Urban Leagues in the Midwest (1996-2000), Secretary (2002-2007), Second and First Vice President (2008-2011) for the NUL Association of Executives. Tri-County Urban League is organizing the search process, which will be led by a transition committee. The committee is committed to a thorough search and smooth transition. For questions, please contact .