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Travel must-haves for international or domestic travel… Travel Talk with Ronda Guyton Travel Agency

rguyton-logoWelcome to your monthly edition of travel talk with Ronda Guyton Travel Agency, Inc. Following are some travel must-haves for international and/or domestic travel. In your carry-on pack some snacks especially if you have a medical condition, medication, a credit card for incidentals and of course some cash for tipping or small purchases. Pack your valuables such as jewelry in your carry-on bag. For international flights, I keep a copy of my passport in my luggage, and I leave one at home with a family member. Program the number to the US Embassy for each country you will be visiting. Pack a bottle of water in your luggage just in case you cannot get a bottle of water upon arrival, and you need to take medication.

These items I pack for both international and domestic: Good walking shoes, a small umbrella, a lightweight jacket, pain-killer in its original container, a small container of Lysol, hand wipes, portable charger, a small bag for soiled clothing, sunscreen, bug spray/wipes and carry on size laundry soap. Most of these items can be purchased at Walmart, Walgreens, and the Dollar Store.

Bonus tip: Safeguard your debit card and do not carry large amounts of cash on your person. When wearing jewelry, limit your Bling.

Verify roaming cell charges with your cellular provider. To help make time pass always download a couple of your favorite movies and or music. Most importantly create memories!

For all your travel needs contact Ronda Guyton Travel Agency, Inc. at 773-609-3845.

Travel is a lifestyle, enjoy!