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Too Many Irons in the Fire? By Robin Carter

Sometimes out of eagerness to be helpful or perhaps just being generous you may find you’ve taken on a number of responsibilities that may fall well outside of your role or line of duties, this could mean on the job or outside of it. You may be wondering how much of this newfound energy is contributing to your well-being and how much of it is just running you ragged.

Whether you have one iron or several of them simply means that you either have a project, an assignment, agreement or a plan of action in place. However, if you find that your responsibilities have become overwhelming, you may need to remove an iron, perhaps two. Keeping in mind one person’s level of busyness may not compare to another’s as some people are able to take on more tasks than others and still be ok. Therefore, the comment “I’m too busy for this or that, or I’ve got a lot going on, or you just don’t understand” mentality may be pointless to them. Though each of us is granted the same amount of hours in a day’s time some of us may require more time to get things done.

I’ve learned that it is important to try and enjoy our busy lives and make it fun. We should reward ourselves when we accomplish a goal that we set out to reach at a given time, whether it is a long or short-term goal. We must make ourselves feel worthy of those accomplishments and celebrate with friends and family. I realize that life’s everyday responsibilities and struggles can be challenging, but learning how to balance and juggle these things may release some of the pressure. If we find that we are still involved in too much or have too many irrelative irons burning, it may be wise to refine them. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove some of those hot irons, or sort them out into smaller portions.

One very effective method that I find helpful is to work on the quick and easy task first. This feels like I am getting a lot more done; this alone improves my morale and gives me a productivity boost. My personal advice to anyone regarding this matter is though you may have several responsibilities to perform, always try to focus your full attention on one thing at a time; it is probably the most important thing one can do to increase productivity and to get things done in a timely manner.