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Together, We Really Can By Katherine Young

What a time it is to be alive. This election year has been historic: People of all backgrounds voting—some even for the first time—recognizing that the majority of us are seeking CHANGE. When we come together as a unit focused on our desired outcomes, can’t nobody tell us nothin’.

While we strive to heal and create a new positive normal for our country, our community, and our families, know that we can still accomplish so much more together versus apart. We can learn to forgive one another and respect each other’s differences. We can continue making our voices heard at every level of government, utilizing our right to vote as a new norm, engaging civic-mindedly with those we elect for Congress, as well our local officials in our city.

Together, we can strive to think outside of the box for education and our economy. We can work together to ensure all of our students are able to be equally prepared to live a life with options and dignity. We can work together to create new jobs, rebuild our communities, as well as create new ways to responsibly care for our environment.

Together, We Can. Imagine that. Working together, we can change the narrative of the United States. We can change the narrative of Peoria, Illinois. We can change the narrative to include healing, possibility, positivity, love, peace, growth, and progress for all. Together, We really can. This is only the beginning. We have much work to do if our possibility is to become a reality.