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Tips for Planning the Short Notice Dinner Party By Michelle Sanders

Michelle Sanders photoWith the holidays, slowly approaching, within the next four weeks or so, you might get the phone call the week of Thanksgiving to plan the “Thanksgiving Dinner”.

Here are some last-minute planning tips to get you started.

  • Stay calm; avoid the stress.
  • Keep the plans simple; from the guest to the food.
  • Whip up your specialty; nothing too fancy.
  • Get your home in order—become the super multitasker or recruit a few family and friends to help you out.
  • Prepare your home for the festivities the night before the event.
  • For appetizers; cheese, meatballs, and crackers will do for a quick fix.
  • Keep the lighting soft and dim.

You are now set for a quick and easy last-minute dinner party. Just sit back and enjoy the day.

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