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Time to Read and Relax with a New Book By Charles Miner

Charles Miner

Want a good book to read in your quiet time? If your answer is YES, then there are few suggestions in this article. Let’s begin with a little background on the author. The author is a native of Brooklyn, New York. Charles Miner came to Peoria to work with the Boys and Girls Club and then with the Tri-County Urban League. He has contracted with Peoria Public Schools Dist. 150 with Parent University and worked with the youth. During his time here, he created and operates T.H.I.N.K.-There’s Hope In New Knowledge. A program that works with youth and their families and aging adults. He is the SkillsUSA program coordinator with G. W. Carver Center, a Certified Anger Management Specialist and a Certified Domestic Violence Specialist. His work in the community led him to write the three (3) following books:

T.H.I.N.K. – There’s Hope In New Knowledge. This book contains testimonials from individuals in our community that have dealt with challenges in their lives that stemmed from a lack of anger management, life skills, and parenting skills. This book will help you identify what’s anger, how to deal with rage and the consequences of anger. You will be introduced to calming exercises and techniques, and solutions to succeed. You will learn how to evaluate your environment and what steps you need to take for an environmental change.

Looking Through the Wise Eyes of Seniors. This book is intended to be a voice for seniors. Our senior generation has a plethora of information and knowledge that is not being used, and seniors don’t feel they are being heard. They are being made to feel they don’t have a place in society. Our seniors spent their life paving the way. They are the visionaries. This book is a small contribution intended to show appreciation for how they helped shape my life, to let them know there are some of us who appreciate them and still continue to work off the values that they set for us. Their journey is not over.

ABC’s of Tithing. The intention is for this book to be a family tool to use at home. This book is a study guide into the A.B.C.’s of tithing: Accountability, Biblical, and Commitment. My research answered a lot of my questions but also raised other questions regarding tithing. It also taught me about the different views and opinions that individuals have about tithing. The purpose of this book is to have dialogue about what tithing is, what it means to you, and to reach deeper into your faith. As for me, I first started to look at tithing and what it really meant about five years ago. Things in my life were all tangled up, so I had a conversation with God. That conversation revealed in my spirit that I needed to start tithing more. Since I am tithing on a regular and consistent basis, my life has been more bountiful. I hope this book will be instrumental in your faith and understanding.

To find out how the stories end, you can purchase a copy of T.H.I.N.K.-There’s Hope In New Knowledge for $15 each, Looking Through the Wise of Seniors and ABC’s of Tithing for $10 each, or all three (3) for $30 by contacting Charles Miner at 309-222-3192.