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THINK ON THIS By Kaye Bell “Our dreams on display in 2016”


kay bell

The New Year has arrived and with it many opportunities. I decided not to make any new resolutions this season as I began to reflect on the dreams and aspirations that I had not achieved in the year 2015. I wonder, did I put my best foot forward? Did I give my dreams even a chance to be revealed? Or did I close the door to be able to see a greater potential of possibilities in my life? As this season begins, I will not procrastinate or make excuses of why I cannot get it done. This year I’ll focus on things that really matter to me: as in giving God my best, being good to myself, (not selfish as in it all about me) and be more endearing to others. I will allow myself to be motivated by the fact that there is more to life than I can even imagine.

Let’s all be more open to our dreams and visions as we strive diligently and watch them manifest. I will be watching for my dreams to be displayed in 2016. Will you do the same?