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“These Things” By Robin Carter

Robin Carter - Bird's NestI was tuned into Christian television as Pastor Joel Osteen talked about life’s troubles. He stated that to live better, we must think better. Having the right frame of mind when troubles hit is the key to surviving the struggle. We must remain conscious that major life changes are a part of life. There will be some stress, anxiety and perhaps even some sleepless nights at times. Nevertheless, facing your circumstances head on will make the transition easier—not easy, but easier—and you just might learn something awesome about yourself along the way. We must understand that things will happen even if you are a person of habit that thrives on routine.

There are times when routine tends to fly out of the window and reality takes a whole new shape in your life. Thus, we must not remain rooted in our circumstances, yet we must become rooted in the “Most High.” All the while, trusting and believing that things will change and work out for our good. Don’t let what happened to you define who you are. Sometimes people will try to label you because of a bad circumstance you endured. You may become, “the lady who had the cancer,” or “that man who recently got divorced,” and so on and so forth. Remember, God is greater than your problems, so do not tell Him how big your problem is; tell your problem how big your God is. Though often you may experience one challenge after the next; to a point that you feel shipwrecked and that life just doesn’t seem fair. Just know that “these things” are tests that we must endure and pass. We may just impress ourselves with how much we can handle when certain circumstances come upon us.

It is not so scary though, when we look at a change as an opportunity and a chance to learn something new. We must not allow ourselves to be moved by “these things.” Sometimes we need to launch out into the deep and get out of the shallow waters if we want to catch bigger fish. Be steadfast and immovable when life happens. Remember, ships don’t sink because there’s water all around them, they sink when the water gets into them. Tell yourself, “God will make a way somehow. He is calling us out of our dry places so that He can take us higher in Him.

From the prison walls the Apostle Paul wrote a letter to young Timothy in the form of a handbook that outlined the church administration and discipline. In his second letter, the apostle encourages Timothy to be bold in the face of opposition and persecution and to remain faithful in sound doctrine, loyalty and endurance. Paul states his purpose for the letter in, 1st Timothy 3:15, “I write so that you may know how you ought to conduct yourself in the house of God, which is the “Church Of The Living God,” the pillar and ground of the truth. Though incarcerated, he still exercised his faith, hope and love. That thing that is meant to stop you will be the very thing God can use to strengthen you. So, call it what it is and recognize them when they approach you; because it is easy to be thrown off by “these things.”