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The Way of the Master By Cleo Dailey, III (Modernday Lazurus)

The Way of the Master

By Cleo Dailey, III (Modernday Lazurus)

Because he knows the road on which I travel, when he had tested me, I’ll come out like gold.”  -Job 23:10

Cleo Dailey, III (Modern-day Lazurus)Have you ever sat down to do a puzzle in the middle of surgery? Your face is probably contorted right now, right? No, I have not lost it; the foolery of this question is just about as unwise as we are when we respond with a why in the middle of trial. Let me explain…

Life hits us with bumps and bruises along the way. In those times, when the trial hits us, it is almost impossible to understand why God has chosen us. In these moments, we lash out, complain, and worry, as if it is our duty to figure out why God has “somehow gotten it wrong”. Job’s response to trial was much different, however. In the seemingly insurmountable trials of his life, Job understood one thing that can carry us through the remainder of the year. Job was quite wealthy, and he understood what being a CEO meant. He knew that you don’t always share the full plan with the team, and you don’t always wait for their consent to enact it. Job knew that if it was to go his way in obtaining a successful life, then he had to know the way, and anticipate every possible detour that could come, so that he could avoid it. The word of God reminds us that the steps of a God man are ordered by the Lord. God has so masterfully engineered your life and destiny that if, and when, obstacles come along, He uses them as leverage to propel you closer to it. He is just good like that.

Everything that you are enduring right now is making spiritual muscle for the next journey. Some of the things we must endure are great and we feel confident in the ability of God to get us through. But for those times when confidence evades us, and in those moments where what we see is not what was decreed, we must remind ourselves that the great Engineer has it all under control. He knows the way. He made the course…

-Modernday Lazurus

Cleo Dailey, III is a freelance writer and aspiring author who has written for several city and nation-wide publications. He is currently studying to obtain a degree in both English and Clinical Psychology, and the Minister of Music for New Life Christian Church in Peoria, IL.