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THE WARMTH OF SANKOFA Goodbye 2020 By Mae Catherine Godhigh

This past year was filled with unprecedented challenges as we navigated through the many uncertainties 2020 brought us. Through pain and many losses, I was inspired to end the year with the following prose. Here’s wishing you and yours a Joyous New Year!

Goodbye 2020

You left us with plenty to ponder and to pray

forever changed as we faced each new day

You will be remembered as the year the world cried, the year innocent souls died

Hospitals and mortuaries overrun; first responders unsung

You taught us many lessons; and with tears we watered our blessings

2020 the world stopped; economy & common sense flopped

Families learned to huddle in their bubble

Our love persevered between window panes

We wondered if our normal would be the same

Children out of school, the art of teaching became a new tool

We discovered super heroes didn’t live in comic books; they were our neighbors

Be sure to thank them for their endless sacrifice and labor

Some of us learned to listen and to be still; while Covid-19 ravished and killed

We turned our eyes to the only help we knew while the church pivoted and grew

George, Breonna and Ahmaud ignited a revolution; the people vs the institution

Democracy took a bullet and survived because the people chose to rise

While politicians fought; the more toilet paper, masks, hand sanitizer and wipes we bought

2021 I’m glad you’re here. I miss the hugs, kisses and cheer

Goodbye 2020 broke up with you. I’m so glad we’re through.

Mae Catherine Godhigh – Copyright 2020