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The Uninvited and Plus 1’s “Oh my—what should I do?” By Michelle D. Sanders

Michelle Sanders photoPicture this; you are at your family reunion and Cousin Beebe walks in with his family of six. You are the reunion organizer so what do you do? Should you say something? Cousin Beebe didn’t pay or RSVP. Or, two people come to a reception uninvited; also known as “Wedding Crashers” or plus 1. What should you do? Here are a few pointers:

  • It’s up to the organizer or coordinator of the event to make decisions on who attends. You really don’t have to confront the individual or individuals. Ask yourself, is this going to throw your cost off for the event?

  • The organizer might want to let them know that there might have been a misunderstanding or maybe they thought they sent the RSVP. Let them know they are welcome, but not on the list. Ask them to be understanding and tell them if it is an annual event maybe next year they can attend

  • Make sure to watch your tone and keep it all positive, pull the attendees off to the side and discuss with them the situation. Don’t make a scene.

  • If it’s a wedding and the venue is big enough, plan for the unexpected. Having a spare table set up for the occasion is key and it doesn’t disrupt the wedding reception. If it is a more confined and specific event, then you always have the option to turn them away.

  • Lastly, if your vendors try to sneak in for free drinks and they were not told to join the party, make an announcement to all that cocktail hour will be for the invited guests on the list. This will avoid unexpected bar tabs.

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