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“THE TRUE COST” – October 28, 2015 – Free Screening

Free Screening of “THE TRUE COST”


Global Village


Forest Park Nature Center

Global Village and Forest Park Nature Center are partnering with other organizations to bring a unique documentary film to Peoria. The True Cost ( examines the repercussions of increasingly inexpensive “fast fashion.” A FREE screening will be held on Wednesday, October 28th, 7PM at Forest Park Nature Center, 5809 N. Forest Park Drive in Peoria Heights.

The film gives insight into the lives of developing world textile workers and recaps the tragic building collapse at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. It discusses the dangerous inputs needed for $5 t-shirts and $10 jeans — from thirsty, pesticide-laden cotton to toxic dyes and miraculous wrinkle-erasing chemicals. It also weighs landfill impacts against the disastrous economic impacts of dumping unwanted textiles into the developing world and wiping out local industries.

This documentary identifies a number of grim situations, but intersperses them with segments on viable solutions: consumer awareness campaigns, fair trade clothing, and organic cotton production. Even seasoned environmentalists will find new information here and a great example of how environmental and social justice are closely intertwined everywhere you look.

Dr. Tim Kasser from Knox College will introduce the film and, along with local fair trade and environmental representatives, conduct a brief Q&A after the screening. Dr. Kasser is a psychologist and featured in film segments examining how advertising and contemporary culture ply false promises of happiness to fuel the cycle of consumption.

For more information contact Global Village at 309/681-8180.