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The SIMPCO Solution – Crossing the Finish Line By Jeffrey E. Sterling, M.D.

Jeffrey E. Sterling, M.D.

Illinois is faced with a generational opportunity to transform its approach to healthcare and to improve healthcare outcomes for its citizens, all the while creating jobs and empowering businesses across the State.

The SIMPCO Solution is a proposal aimed toward prioritizing health prevention and health promotion. It is especially aimed to assist communities beset with diminished access to care, relatively lower quality to care and higher costs of care; these are the communities suffering disproportionately poorer healthcare outcomes. These health inequities and healthcare disparities result in higher disease and death rates in Black communities for each of the leading causes of death in the United States and has been especially noticeable during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the programmatic side, The SIMPCO Solution will put together a suite of preventive health best practices and administer them as “the practice of public health,” in a way meant to complement the practice of medicine. A big difference with the SIMPCO model is citizens will be given tools that empower them to become better stewards of their own healthcare. Members will have access to preventive health services 365 days a year (at no cost at all!), in contrast to a once per year visit to your physician’s office and intermittent emergency room use for crises. These services will include health education and disease management, wellness, fitness, and nutritional training. Enrollees will have personal health consultants assisting them both with their individual wellness journey and in coordinating services with their medical home. There will be full access to our call center and telehealth services (including mental health) 24/7.

These services will be administered around the State. SIMPCO has identified 15 locations, representing every part of Illinois for its Health and Human Service Centers (aka Health Hubs). There will also be traveling health vans visiting parts of the State without a health hub daily. Additionally, a virtual health hub will be available to provide services around the clock online and via The SIMPCO Ounce, our web-based app. The SIMPCO Solution will provide culturally sensitive and specific care to the Medicaid population and fill the gap in areas currently without sufficient access to health services. With the assistance of approximately 100 minority business enterprises, this will also create jobs and economic opportunity for the Illinois Black business community.

Calls to Action:

  1. Please visit www.thesimpcosolution for more information, jobs, and business opportunities.
  2. Sign our petition for the General Assembly to fully fund and implement this initiative for 500,000 citizens of Illinois during this veto session. The petition can be accessed at
  3. Contact your local State Representative and Senator. Ask them to support The SIMPCO Solution when it comes up during the Veto Session. Here’s how you find the numbers to your reps:

Here’s to your health!