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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised By Dr. Leslie L. McKnight

Can you feel it? Can you sense it? This is a dawn of a new age. Our leaders told us, ‘The revolution would not be televised!’ They were right. Our revolution has arrived by our personal and collective forms of expression and empowerment in social media, crowd funding, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

All people, regardless of race, income, gender, sexual preference, and nationality have an opportunity to positively impact and change their communities and the world. Now that we are interconnected, we can begin to disrupt the hindering status quos of institutionalized discrimination and racism, denial, oppression, and injustice.

Our elevation and freedom is birthed through righteous collectivism, good will for mankind, justice for all, and equal access to economic resources and opportunities. To be in the revolution you must first be aware of yourself and your environment. Are you living a positive life, setting goals for yourself and giving back to your community? Do you have the courage to speak your truth, and stand on it? If you are fortunate to have resources, are you sharing with those who need it the most? Are you a part of positive driving forces that are greater than yourself? Are you a dreamer, influencer, implementer, commander? We need them all.

The power of one leads to the power of all. In this era, there is no reason why you cannot be connected to those very issues that you care about and need to change. Once you become aware, take action. Your actions can be deciding to go for that job you deserve or go back to school. To mentor a family member, join an organization, or write, rap, or shout your truth. You can do something.

The revolution is not televised. It is in our passions, conversations, organizing, and actions; it’s our resolve for a better today and even greater tomorrow. Recently, Lorraine B. Carter wrote an article in the Traveler Weekly recognizing and supporting my efforts and accomplishments in the Peoria community. It set a blaze in the community and particularly social media. I am now connected to a hashtag, #Iseeyou. Members of our community are now using this term to recognize and honor their fellow community members for their good works and accomplishments. The hashtag is also being used to bring awareness to injustice and inequality in our community.

Let’s continue to see each other, celebrate our great works, stand together for righteousness, hope and opportunity, and build an environment that we create and not be victim to environments created for us. This is my time, this is your time, this is our time. The revolution is not televised, it is live, it is now. #Iseeyou2.