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The Password Maze │By Lorraine B. Carter

I imagine the inventor of the “password” as being a young gamer whose thumbs move quick as lightning over his keyboard. To me, his invention is an annoying sort of Password Maze!

I have a book full of passwords─ my personal “Password Maze.” I need those passwords to open Applications and get into the World Wide Web.

Passwords are needed to order anything from a hot pizza to juicy barbecue chicken wings or have any luscious meal brought to your door! You must have a password to read your Medical Chart after an office visit and get the results of a blood test. I wondered why I couldn’t read the doctor’s version of my office visit! 

The “Password Maze” is unbearable at times and my hope is someone could invent a better way to visit apps to get to a manuscript. The one “best seller” waiting to be discovered, hidden under a forgotten password!

I have so many passwords in my head that I dream of passwords tumbling about in a maze scape. There, I am walking through capital letters, lower case letters, numbers, symbols, and the asterisk is fleeing, trying to get away from it all!  The best thing for me is to wake up without using a password. Passwords are all consuming in the computer world. The password gets you on the information highway, but could there be a better way to get there? 

Down with passwords, just use voice recognition and a short number within the Google Plex of the “Password Maze” of algorithms!