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Mae Catherine Godhigh pic 1I’m back in the saddle after a much-needed sabbatical. So pull up a seat and let’s chat awhile.

It is a fact; human beings are busy establishing relationships with everyone under the sun and above.

God, spouses, children, employers, extracurricular activities and schools take huge chunks out of our days. This is a reality. If you fail to love and take care of yourself; Guess what? LIFE SIMPLY GOES ON. This article is about and for you. The truth about love is that you are already filled with it. Removing the walls around your heart will bring you all that you desire. – Pauline Capelbo

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. LOVE is always in the air. Love is inside of you.

Here are a few pointers to remind you to love yourself.

The past cannot be changed. Everyone’s journey is different.

Smiles are contagious. Happiness is found within.

Make healthy food choices.

Make sure you get in exercise and drink plenty of water.

Read, research and learn to become socially conscious and enlightened.

Eliminate toxic relationships. Positive thoughts create positive things.

Take care of your skin; you only get one. Opinions don’t define your reality.

Planning vacations or stay-cations creates happiness and promotes good health.

Embrace your spirituality.

Take a class. Remember to say Thank You.

Explore nature, different cities and cultures. Share with others.

Maintain your pedicure and manicure. Consult with your hair stylist regarding a new look.

Brighten your wardrobe. Experiment with new fragrances.

Don’t be a swan in a chicken coop. Become community connected. Run for a public office.

Make meaningful memories and tell them again and again.

Remember making mistakes is better than faking perfection.

Seek to find balance in your life. Make spa days and a great massage therapist part of your wellness program.

Kindness is free. Over thinking will lead to ultimate sadness.

Avoid being judgmental. What goes around comes around.

Daily, tell the man/woman in the mirror…I Love You…

Any work we do towards loving ourselves is a gift to the world.

Love yourself…after you… there is no other self.