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The Miracle in the Making: Witnessing the Power and Leadership of Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright By Cassiette West-Williams

Chicago – During Saint Sabina Church’s Seven Last Words, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright’s sermon brought multiple standing ovations for his testimony to God’s mercy and grace. He is the esteemed pastor emeritus from Trinity United Church of Christ.

“Devil, you missed your chance…The devil should have killed me while he had a chance,” Wright said from his wheelchair. “I refuse to submit! The silence of God does not mean the absence of God,” he said to cheers and applause of the prayerful worshippers, as he spoke his first sermon since September 6, 2016.

“The devil made a mistake. God kept me in my right mind,” Rev. Wright declared!

“Indeed, he was speaking and preaching with power and conviction, as he delivered a half hour sermon, punctuated with numerous standing ovations.

“I’ve been so depressed, but depression does not mean submission,” he said.

“Dr. Wright’s stroke resulted in him being paralyzed on his left side. He has worked with a team of medical personnel, including a speech therapist since the fall of 2016. They were all present, standing in agreement with Dr. Wright, during his heart-felt sermon.

“Dr. Wright’s clarity of thoughts and stark honesty about his condition brought tears to the eyes of many.

“Jesus did not submit to oppression or his haters,” Wright said, explaining how he will not let depression or the stroke claim his life. He has family to live for, as well as millions of worshippers who simply adore him.

“Many of Rev. Wright’s mentors and close personal friends were present, including the shepherd of the house, the Rev. Dr. Louis Pfleger, who has remained friends with Rev. Wright, despite the criticism he has received from the national press.

“Dr. Wright was formerly President Barack Obama’s pastor and spiritual leader for his family for many years. Rev. Wright married the president and his Chicago native wife, Michelle Obama, but the first family distanced themselves from their former pastor during their first presidential campaign in 2004.

“Rev. Dr. Wright’s Black Theology background and radical, truth-telling preaching made national headlines that pitted the pastor against some of his most famous members, The Obamas.

“Some Americans believed that if the Obama family had remained associated with Pastor Wright, it would have cost President Obama his election. For many believers nationally, it was a sadness shared universally when the President made his decision to politically make a public separation from his longtime confidant and leader.

“While Mr. Obama joined another church, Wright kept on track, ministering messages of Black pride and education to the masses.