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“The Lion King” – A Review By Francesca Armmer’

The Lion King is a musical that provides an undeniable blend of pageantry and artistry with messages of caring, integrity, and victory over deceit. This award-winning presentation of masks, puppetry, and make up took us on a journey that held the audience spellbound throughout each scene. The choreography of both dancers and “animals” created an atmosphere of anticipation and celebration.

In the midst of timeless themes that we have all encountered in one form or another, the music from Mufasa and Nala, wisdom of Rafiki, and comedy of Zazu, Timon and Pumbaa, captured both “head and heart” in this glorious story. The Lion King is a celebration of unequal proportion!

In an audience of persons of all ages, The Lion King was enjoyed both individually and collectively! Standing ovations was the least we could offer, in appreciation! The Lion King is a musical that should be seen again and again!!