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The Inconsistencies of Freedom… Carter At Large By Lorraine B. Carter

Many of us have lived to see another celebration of the 4th of July and the recognition of Juneteenth. June 19, 1865, when the slaves of Texas were informed: “In accordance with the Proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free!” The slaves were told not to gather at military post and were forced to stay on the plantations because idleness would not be tolerated. Sept. 22, 1862, President Lincoln declared all slaves in the US free! The slaves had been free three years when the edict was posted in Texas. The inconsistency of freedom is felt today, as the irony of a past edict is relived on immigrants seeking the dream of an inner sanctum of American freedom.

Great concerts have been performed to entertain and educate us about freedom. We have heard the loud explosions of fireworks and have eaten delicious barbeque meals and downed delectable desserts. All kinds of hoopla and speeches about the glory of freedom have flowed into our ears. Yet, immigrant children are torn from their parent’s arms and placed in confinement. This is not the first time the American Government has ignored the United States Constitution and its moral stance on humanity.

Most older American’s, no matter their religious affiliations, know the new immigration laws are dangerously close to a bygone era of the thirties; and forties in Germany. Should Americans sit by and let one man, or one party, lead them into the destruction of their freedoms? Is the cult of meanness more important than the honor, love, and respect American’s of all races have for the United States of America?

We can make changes legally by voting the offenders against humanity out of office. We know how to make America what it has never been, fair to all people no matter the color of their skin, or their native birthplace. We can get rid of the inconsistencies of freedom and let all men, women, and children walk in the light of true freedom!

It is time to practice– let freedom reign in our lives, in our hearts and with our neighbors. This is our Country, and the fight for freedom is never over, it is our right to guard it, and make sure inconsistencies of freedom is in the far distant past!