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The Importance of WORDS By Vickie King

Words have the power to heal, help or hurt. “Wouda, couda, shouda” are thoughts we have about what needed to be said or done in hindsight!

We waste so much time in our lives, not saying nor doing something that might be beneficial to those in our lives that we say matter. The very first thing to say is “I love you” and mean it – then show it. The most important one is to care enough to ask “do you know how much God loves you?” Care enough to tell them about Jesus and the sacrifice he made for each of us. We can talk about everything else but that seems to be where words fail us. Know Jesus; know peace – no Jesus, no peace! These are words to help achieve our destiny and determine our destination.

Words are not to be wasted or regretted, for once spoken, they can’t be taken back. Therefore, we need to choose and use them wisely and sparingly to lift up versus tear down. Does that mean not being truthful? No, it simply means lovingly showing them the error of their way without being overbearing or judgmental.

Have you ever written or considered writing a letter to a loved one and expressing your feelings on why you love them and how they impact your life? What things you feel make them a special and vital part of your heart? How you’d feel if they weren’t in your life? How do you think it would be received? How’d you think they’d feel about themselves or you?

The reason I ask is the world we are currently sharing (not too well, I might add) is one of “it’s all about me-ism”. Not many are concerned about the welfare or well-being of others, even the ones we profess to love and care about. Compassion, empathy and sensitivity to the plight of others seem to be passé. We are becoming “robotized”, showing less and less concern and emotion towards our fellow-man, unless its hatred or self-loathing. This thought process leads to the mindless, spineless killings we’re forced to digest on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter whether you have a little or a lot, people are opting to “take out (kill) or get out (suicide)”, thereby altering their destiny and/or destination. Without faith & trust in God, those seem to be viable options for what they perceive as meaningless existences, lack of self-worth, love and direction. What an utter sense of hopeless that must be!


  • Opting to take someone out because you feel inferior or show you are superior is not the answer.
  • Opting to get out and not stick around for the final curtain is not the answer either.

Having faith and trust in God that He is in total control would allow them to see the world and those in it in a very different light.

Words can give one a reason for living and want to see what the next unique day God has made and will bring. Most importantly, make them want to be a part of it. Or it can make you dread the thought.

How we perceive ourselves is vastly more important that how others do in the over-all scheme of things. The ultimate perspective belongs to God and how He views us. He provided us an avenue to be saved – His son, Jesus Christ. Having a close relationship with Him and knowing you matter should make you feel mightier than King Kong and more loved than a newborn baby. Will everything go great from then on – no, but life will be bearable.

Our work here on earth is to help. Help point out the Son. You can’t see him, but you know He’s there, despite the clouds and storms that may be in your life.

My Challenge to you:

Consider writing a loved letter to someone you think is special or at least letting them know all their positives. Speak kind and uplifting words to those you encounter throughout your day. Put a smile on your face and in your voice when you’re on the phone. Let them see it and hear it. Then maybe, just maybe, it can help them have a better day and/or want to see it through.

Fortunately, it’s not all about us – it’s all about Him! Be blessed and be a blessing to others through your words and/or deeds. Make those you love and others feel the world is a better place with them than without them.

To God be the glory and honor forever, amen.