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The Glass Ceiling Versus the Will Power Ceiling By Robin Carter

Climbing the corporate ladder can be difficult when there are obstacles that tend to hinder your progress continuously. The “glass ceiling” is a metaphorical barrier that prevents someone, especially women, from advancing in a workplace due to biases against women or minorities. This invisible barrier causes some organizations to limit qualified women for hiring or promotions based on sexism or racism. The subtle but damaging form of discrimination where you cannot attain the opportunities you may see right in front of you, despite your suitability or best efforts. This may be one of the most disappointing and hurtful feelings anyone could experience. But even with this, you must continue to strive to be the best you can be. But what can you do to fix the situation?

Well, I am a believer that where ever there’s a problem, there has to be a solution. Problems and solutions should fit like a hand in a glove, though sometimes it can be difficult. But if you’ve worked at your company for a while and you feel that you have not been given a “fair shot” for a position that you were well-qualified for, perhaps it may be time to start looking for something new. All employers may not have an invisible ceiling to their hierarchy but may recognize and appreciate anyone who is willing and able to get the job done. Most employers acknowledge those who are clear assets to their company. It may take doing your homework to find that ideal employer, but I believe they can be located.

Now, let’s focus on a more personal ceiling, one that you have more power and control over, and that is the “will power ceiling.” You have the power to control this ceiling any way that you choose. Sometimes life struggles seem to suck the air right out of your natural body. The Pandemic is lingering on, new viruses are surfacing, businesses are still closed, people are waiting impatiently for tax returns and new stimulus checks, others are standing out in this cold freezing weather on corners or the intersections holding up cardboard signs reading, “Hungry, I need food, or “Homeless, anything will help.”

One may think, “what is this world leading up to?” Well, my answer is that God is taking us somewhere to a new level that only He knows where. We must trust and believe that He will change things in His Divine timing. In the meantime, we must do the things that He has given us power over.

Nowadays, times may be difficult for some; many say finances are scarce while bills are due and jobs are few. My advice is that in finding a job, any job, you must be consistent in your search. Being adamant plays a key role in job finding. I believe that if anyone spends several days a week for a few hours a day job searching, they will land a job sooner or later.

This reminds me of (Genesis 32:22-32) where Jacob wrestled with an Angel, which in question is referred to as “man,” which in term is God. Jacob grabbed a hold of Him and said, I will NOT let You go until You bless me.” Sometimes we need to have a “Jacob mentality” and grab a hold to believing in God, believing in yourself, believing in rebuilding your finances, restoring your health, restoring your inner peace, gaining success, and demand that all ceilings whether it is the “glass ceiling or a more personal one such as the “will power ceiling” will be broken, shattered to pieces and you my friend, are on the road to a better life.