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The Fragrance Foundation – The Highlight of the Fragrance Industry by Felicia Hazzard


The Highlight of the Fragrance Industry

By Felicia Hazzard

If you did not get an invitation to attend the 87th Academy Awards, don’t be upset…I did not get an invitation. Did you know that the fragrance industry have their own version of the OSCARS but it is called the FiFi Awards. Every year The Fragrance Foundation celebrates the global fragrance industry with outstanding creative achievements in the world of perfumery. Doesn’t this sound just like the Academy Awards? The crowning achievement is celebrated with a lavish setting at a posh location, usually The Lincoln Center in New York. It is surrounded by the Who’s Who of the perfume industry and by this I mean companies such as Coty, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Ralph Lauren and Bloomingdale’s just to name a few. The Who’s Who of the perfume industry are surrounded by celebrities such as Halle Berry, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Ben Affleck and so many more.

This is the day to shine but for the perfume industry that is more than 36.6 billion dollars by 2018. That is a lot of fragrance wafting around.

So, that is why The Fragrance Foundation is such a big deal in the perfume industry. The Fragrance Foundation was established in 1949 and during the 1940’s only three fragrances were launched. One fragrance for women and two fragrances for men. Did you know in 2014 there were 1,600 fragrances launched! No wonder I stay so busy trying to review new launches!

The similarities to The Academy Awards in terms of categories for The Fragrance Foundation Awards are quite prestigious. Here are the categories for nominations in a fragrance category.
–Fragrance of the Year
–Fragrance Hall of Fame
–Packaging of the Year
–Media Campaign of the Year
–Interior Scents Collection of the Year
–Bath & Body Line of the Year
–Hall of Fame
–Fragrance Celebrity of the Year
–Lifetime Achievement, Perfumer
–Editorial Excellence in Fragrance Coverage *
–Indie Award
–Perfume Extraordinaire

In 2011, the Indie category was just established for niche, artisan and natural perfumers.  The indie category of perfumers finally got noticed for their achievements in perfumery and the first perfumer to be recognized and nominated was Mandy Aftel, perfumer and owner of Aftelier Perfumes with three historic nominations (Candide, Honey Blossom and Lumiere).  Although Mandy Aftel did not take home the crowning FiFi Award it was a tremendous landmark for indie category.  Six Scents Series Three was the winner.

If you look at the list of categories there is an asterisk next to Editorial Excellence in Fragrance Coverage.  That category is for people like myself and editors of magazines online as well as articles published in a magazine such as Vogue, Elle, W Magazine, Cosmopolitan and the like.

This is a very steep and tight race for the best.  I am proud to announce that I have entered my name to be considered with a nomination of my article, FLOWERBOMB EAU DE PARFUM: Why I Wanted to Play The Part- Act I (August 21, 2014) in Fragrance Belles- Lettres Magazine.

This would be a dream come true to win a FiFi Award in this category.  I am keeping my fingers crossed with lots of prayer!

Guess what? You can attend The Fragrance Foundation Awards!  You do not have to wait to receive an invitation in the mail.  You can simply go to If you have any questions go to to get better acquainted with this organization.

The Fragrance Foundation is dedicated to serving its member companies as a resource for industry expertise, innovation and education.  It is a not-for-profit organization that includes more than 82 of the world’s most important corporations in the world of fragrance.

To join The Fragrance Foundation you will have to wait for the envelope because it is ONLY by invitation.

The Fragrance Foundation
621 2nd Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10016
See you at the FiFi Awards!

Note: Information on how the fragrance industry works comes from (February 20, 2014) and information on 1600 perfumes launched in 2014 comes from and The Fragrance Bible 2015 by Michael Edwards.