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The Fire This TIME… By Mark Lampkin

Whether you have a belief that is scripturally based from the Christian Bible or from a James Baldwin novel, the implications are pretty much the same. The End of Times will not be by water…it will be The Fire Next Time.

As we observe the continual undermining of the rule of law, the thumbing of cultural and societal norms by the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, to now the awareness that he likely gave or sold nuclear secrets to the highest bidder, we MUST ask ourselves, how much more can this go on?

We have never in our lifetime seen something as diabolical as what is daily unfolding. We MUST ask how much more damage to this nation can we tolerate. How many more January 6th terrorist attacks must be witnessed, with consequences being dealt only to the boots-on-the-ground flunkies – and not those who wear the suits and give the orders?

There is a fire burning in this Nation, and somehow the blame is being directed to any and everyone except the person holding the matches…

I was watching the movie Judas and The Black Messiah, about the betrayal of Chicago Black Panther Party Leader Fred Hampton, and he quoted a segment from a speech by Malcolm X that hit me in my soul; it goes as follows:

“Sometimes, when a person’s house is on fire, and someone comes in yelling fire, instead of the person who is awakened by the yell being thankful, he makes the mistake of charging the one who awakened him with having set the fire.”

Everyone knows that Donald Trump is guilty of numerous crimes, most of them never perpetrated by anyone, let alone a former US President. Yet, while his hands are singed from the matches he keeps lighting to destroy everything he touches, NO ONE is holding him to account. And he walks yet as a free man, inciting even more hatred and violent rhetoric in order to distract and deflect the attention away from the truth; America is yet unwilling to indict a former President.

And the Department of Justice, we hope, will provide just that. Justice.

In closing, here’s a quote from James Baldwin regarding the issue of how many White people in this nation are yet blind to their complicity and duplicity in the demise of the nation they profess to love.

“Furthermore, I have met only a very few people—and most of these were not Americans—who had any real desire to be free. Freedom is hard to bear.”

Baldwin points out many ways in which white Americans are hypocritical and do not have a firm grasp on reality. One of these is their belief in freedom, which they claim is the foundation of their country. Despite this belief, they enslaved African Americans and continue to deny them full freedom. In this quote, Baldwin further analyzes this phenomenon. He believes that most people actually do not want freedom, even for themselves, because true freedom is difficult to bear. It involves being completely aware of one’s reality and feeling free within it. White Americans, in particular, do not meet these requirements because they continue to live in denial of their country’s bloody past.

The fire is blazing…the smoke is in our eyes. The sirens are wailing. No one is bringing the water.