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The Fanny Pack is Back By Meicka “J”

How many of us look for styling inspiration at the start of a new season? I frequently browse magazines and do online searching for finds suitable to my liking. However, all it takes is to look at the mannequins in your local department stores! The fanny pack has attempted to make a comeback a few times within the last few years but was an epic fail. The benefits of these bags are your hands are free, and your items are secure close to your body. The perfect gem for the gym.

Strapped high and tight across the waist, it can be paired with anything from denim to leggings. It’s like a “wonder” piece that ties your look together. It can also be worn across your chest for a cross-body effect. Prices range from $10 to a few thousand. A functional fashion must have. Slung over coats, and dresses is the perfect look for the on-the-go fashionista. The fanny pack has come a long way from the unattractive nylon extra-large pouch that seemed like it was in the way just sitting on your waist. Thirty years ago the fanny pack was embraced in the fashion world. It was called the hottest item of the year. This style was short-lived as it favored tourists and vacation moms pairing them with bulky t-shirts and biker shorts. Well, now the fanny pack has stepped its game up as being embraced as one of the hottest trends.