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LETTER TO THE EDITOR – The Exacerbated Rift Over a Decision By Lorraine B. Carter

Professional football player, Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers opted not to stand when the National Anthem was performed. He said his action was to protest the injustice toward black people and until conditions improve, he will not stand when the National Anthem is performed. Since taking this course of action he has become a villainous person in some minds, a hero in others.

I choose to think, what he did was heroic in the face of national criticism; this kind of criticism is always heaped on black men when they protest the injustice towards blacks in America!

The injustices toward black men and women are on the rise and reflected in the number of imprisonments and killings blacks have suffered. America has been a divided Nation since its inception; one for blacks and one for whites. By not standing for the National Anthem, Kaepernick had the courage to honor his beliefs, risking the possible loss of sponsors, money, and fans. He will experience the consequences of his decision for years, but he will also know admiration from a number of people who agree with him. Many African American’s feel anguish when the National Anthem is performed, but they respect it and after the event is over they go back to segregated, impoverished, communities.