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The Curse Of The Billy Goat Is No More By Mark Hollis

mark hollisThe year was 1945, and the Chicago Cubs were playing the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. A local tavern owner by the name of Bill Sianis had brought his pet goat to Game 4 of the series at Wrigley Field. As the game progressed, other attendees who shared the seating space complained that the odor from Sianis’s goat was unbearable. Bill and his goat were eventually asked to leave. As Bill angrily exited the game he yelled, “Them Cubs ain’t gonna win no more”. Since then, many baseball pundits have labeled that comment by Sianis as, “The Curse of the Billy Goat”. Many attribute the lackluster performances by the Cubs over the last 70 years as being unquestionably cursed. Well, fast forward to year 2016 and the Chicago Cubs have destroyed any resemblance to those struggling teams of prior years.

The City of Chicago or better yet, the entire state of Illinois, is exuberantly celebrating the end to one of the longest winning droughts in Major League Baseball history. The Cubs have won the World Series Championship. The win created such a fervor in Chicago that many are singing the song, “My Kind of Town” from the musical, Robin and the Seven Hoods. Because of the jubilation, the city is on high alert from fans wanting to express their excitement. The Chicago Cubs, led by Manager Joe Maddon, along with the Rickett family, have dominated every conversation throughout the entire state. With a team composed of veterans like 2015 Cy Young Winner, Jake Arrieta, and seasoned series player, David Ross, the Cubs have finally realized their potential. It can easily be said in 2016 that Chicago found the right mixture of players whose dedication as a team has culminated into a dream season.

As we all sit back and relish the accomplishments of the Chicago Cubs, we know that the “Curse of the Billy Goat” is no more and that everything is possible. So, as we all celebrate with a drink and a hot dog, lets hold on steadfast to what is: the Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions. Play Ball!