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THE CLARION By Martha Ross, President, SCUC

I often wonder who will hear me if I call; who is ready to be part of the solution that will change the environment in which we live? Have we lost the desire to take leisurely walks around the block or sit on the front porch and feel comfortable saying hello to the next-door neighbors? Have we become numb to the lack of respect for human decency? Did we forget the fact that “thou shall not kill?“ The moral compass of our community has greatly diminished.  But all is not lost! It is a new day in Peoria, Illinois, and we have been given another chance to get it right. Get it right for the elderly living in our neighborhoods; get it right for the future of our community, which are the children.  Get it right for the families who just want a livable wage job that will be able to take care of their families and provide them the opportunity to choose where they desire to live.

The Southside Community United for Change “SCUC”  is implementing a “Clarion Call” to those citizens of the Southside of Peoria and others who care for this community.  I’m calling on you to join the SCUC organization while we embark upon a new direction for the Southside. As we develop a five-year strategic plan for our neighborhood, you can have your voice heard by becoming a MEMBER of SCUC to help us determine what “we the people” of the Southside of Peoria want for our community!

Contact us to find out how you can have a voice as well as a vote on decisions made by SCUC relating to the development and implementation of the strategic plan for the Southside. Please visit the SCUC website @ or call us @ 309-397-2863 for more information. Let’s do it together!