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THE BIRD’S NEST By Robin Carter “It’s A Sin Thing”

Robin Carter - Bird's NestPolice have killed on average about three people per day so far this year based on data that was compiled for a project called “The Counted.” This project is a continuously updated data base of police killings in the United States and has the most comprehensive information available since no U.S. Government agency maintains a similar listing. Since the Mike Brown murder in Ferguson Missouri, police killings in America have sparked a national movement for police reform.

According to “The Guardian,” (a global edition of world news) statistics state that almost five black people per every million black residents of the United States have been killed. Though it is hard to get real data on whether or not black people are more likely to be killed by police than other races. People of all races have been killed by police and in every state except Rhode Island, South Dakota and Vermont; these are three of the country’s least populated states. Certain cities stand out as more dangerous than others. Statistics state that the most killings occurred in Los Angeles (14) dead, Houston (11), Phoenix (9), New York(7) and Oklahoma City (7). The Bureau of Labor Statistics released last year show that being a police officer is not even among the country’s 10 most dangerous professions, but yet shows that loggers, roofers, pilots and farmers are all more likely to be killed on the job than police. With the rising increase of these killings and the fact that some blacks may feel the need to retaliate could cause police to react more harshly; especially if they feel the least bit threatened. My question though is, does it really narrow down to violent acts that resulted from “racism” or has it just been unfortunate for all those people who were fatally killed by police?

Racism is a deadly disease that causes one to do hurt, harm or danger to another because of their lack of love for them. If people would love one another… just for the sake of knowing that we were all produced by the Creator. Who would want to destroy their father’s children? I believe that if we could focus on this alone and allow this to marinate into our spirit; perhaps we may view some things differently. Realistically, police officers have a job to do, just as many of us, but I feel they should evaluate whether killing someone is absolutely necessary. They are trained how and where to shoot an individual if necessary, and not kill them. Whatever happened to the good cop shows like, “The Streets of San Francisco,” Kojak, and “Hawaii Five-O? These officers did their job while saving as many lives as possible. If we could replace lack of love with more love, I believe we could put an end to some if not all of the fatal killings in this world. It is a sin to hate someone because of their color, race, or creed, or anyone period. We usually won’t hurt people that we love, so if we love one another as God has loved us; I believe that a lot of the senseless killings would cease. It’s a “sin thing,” not a skin thing.