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THE BIRD’S NEST By Robin Carter “A Time to Heal”

These past few years may have been a struggle for some in various ways. But even in the most difficult times in our lives, we must create our own comfort zone that helps us remain focused, open-minded, and become resilient to things we have little or no control over.

There are strategies that will help us during stressful, trying times in our lives. Some may find that exercising or a good workout helps them to relax, while others may find that reading, particularly the Bible, is a good stress reliever. Doing yoga may be helpful to others.

Whether you already have a mechanism in place that’s working for you or you need to create something–always choose something helpful, enjoyable and healthy. What about that one thing you did that made someone happy? Write a thank-you note or letter to yourself.

Remind yourself of those proud moments that pushed you outside your comfort zone. What about the time when you showed up unexpectedly and did something selfless for someone else? Thank yourself for that particular commitment; encourage yourself by remembering and listing your strong points.

Remind yourself of how you survived a very difficult situation and felt that you could never bear it, but your experience has made you more resilient. Think about that thing that someone told you that they love about you and appreciate you for.

Embrace yourself, love yourself, and thank God for all the things that He has brought you through. Then take the letter, seal it in an envelope, place a stamp on it, address it, and mail it to yourself. When the letter returns to you, don’t open it; put it away in a secure place. When and if a struggle or disappointment presents itself, open the letter and read it aloud.

Last but not least, thank someone for something they have done for you even if you have thanked them before. Give someone a gift–it doesn’t have to be anything big. It’s the thought that matters. As for me, I get an electrical surge from making someone smile, happy, or proud of me. It just feels good to me and it’s “mind therapy.”

If you’re troubled or burdened down but find that this strategy does not work for you–perhaps you can create one that does work. But whatever you decide to do choose something that is doable, enjoyable, and healthy. Everyone needs stress relief from the troubles of the World. It’s time to heal… May the Lord bless you and keep you.