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The Bird’s Nest by Robin Carter

America the Beautiful

America can be as beautiful as we view it 
Beauty not expressed in pieces or bits 
But a painted picture of a country with beautiful spacious skies 
A touch of amber waves and scattered grain 
A land where our soldiers fought and left behind their bloody stains

Where purple mountains bear fruited plains 
The mention of heroes in liberating strife
Gives reference to soldiers at battle 
Who hastened vigorously along the fields, like a herd of cattle

Katharine Lee Bates, what inspired your beautiful lyrics 
Was it the freedom you felt at hand
Or simply your inner spirit? 

At the top of Rocky Mountain near Pikes Peak 
the words you gathered were rather unique 
You traveled to Massachusetts and the state of Colorado where the skies were
Blue and the grassy plains are the color of avocado

Your numerous references to God displays your religious beliefs 
You did not cease or make these things brief 
America the beautiful, sore eyes long to see
Our country as you once did see
Show us the full beauty minus all the hate 
For God will replace it with love; no lives left at stake 

Bring back the hope and belief in our community 
Replenish morals and values
Help us to acknowledge the liberty statue 

America the beautiful, O' how I love this song 
As it brings sweet memories to me from back home.