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The Bird’s Nest By Robin Carter

“Uniquely You”

Imagine all of the people who live or ever lived on our planet since the very beginning of time. None of them are exactly like you! What a miraculous thing it is to be you. Nobody has the same combination of talents, abilities, hopes, dreams, character, joys, fears or sorrows. No one has the same friends, family jokes, or acquaintances. Nobody’s finger prints are the same as yours, or have even the same concerns or goals as you. No one!! You are unique! Just think what a remarkable, unduplicatable and miraculous thing it is to be you. No one who has ever lived or is to come has your appearance, your burdens or your opportunities.

It is stated that even though identical twins look alike–they share the same DNA, and yet they are not exactly alike. They can be hard to tell apart, but if you look closely, you see differences. So what causes them to look slightly different if there are no differences in their DNA? Well, identical twins have physical differences because when it comes to the way you look, both “nature and nurture” matter. You may have heard the phrase “nature vs. nurture before, but what exactly does it mean? This phrase refers to the two things that make you who are. Your gene (nature) is important, but they are not the whole story. Your environment (nurture) also plays a big role. By environment I mean things like what you eat, how much you sleep, whether or not you get sick and what makes you sick, and how things that happen to you during your life has a big impact upon you. Think of it this way; if you bake an apple pie, does it turn out a little different each time? The shapes of the apple pieces are never quite the same. Maybe the stove is a little hotter than before, or maybe you added slightly more sugar. Maybe a distraction like the phone ringing kept you from taking it out of the oven exactly when you planned. Perhaps you use the same set of instructions every time, but each apple pie is still unique because differences in the environment make it impossible for you to follow instructions in exactly the same way. So there you have it! It is things like this that makes one so unique. No one’s hair grows exactly like yours does. You may have secrets that you may never tell anyone at all; surely others have secrets as well, but are they the same as yours? There may be a certain family expression or tradition that you know about. Perhaps there are a few people who may laugh at all the same things as you do, but they may not cry about the same things that you would. No one prays about the same concerns as you do. They are not loved by the same combination of people that love you — No one! No one before you and no one after you will be like you. Why? Because you are absolutely unique! Love yourself, but don’t cherish yourself. Live happy, love faithfully and laugh often. Find that special time that you spend with you and only you. After a hard week of work, pamper yourself, do something real nice for yourself. If you set a goal and that goal is met, after it is complete, celebrate you; even if no one else does, you owe it to yourself; just because you’re you is reason enough to do this.

Accept and enjoy this uniqueness. Don’t be afraid to be different. No one else in the this world has the same things going on in his/her, mind, soul, body, and spirit as are going on in yours. It is a gift to only you. Treasure and share your God-given uniqueness with others and be willing to except some unique values of others. No one has your same kind of comfort or bring your kind of understanding to another quite like you. Nobody can speak your words or smile your same smile. No one can bring the same unique impact to others as you. Think about it! This is really something! Of all the people in this world, there is nowhere in all of history will someone be thinking of the same things as you are at the same time. So enjoy your uniqueness; let it flow out among your co-workers, family, and friends and all the people that you meet in the rush and clutter of living where ever you are. That gift of yourself was given for you to enjoy and share with others. If you did not exist, there would be a hole in creation, a gap in history, something missing from the plan for human kind. YOU ARE UNIQUE! So is everyone else!!