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Thanks To God, We Are Not Consumed by Rev. Charity E. Sephus

We have read of God’s anointing Jesus, and afterward, he went about doing good. When Christ was in the world, he was reconciling men unto himself. Now, he sits at the right hand of the throne of God, making intercessions for us as we continue His ministry of reconciliation, and because of His great love, situations do not consume us. Compassion touched Jesus, so He did something. Whether it was casting out demons, raising the dead, healing the sick, showing sympathy and trustworthiness of their confidence.  

During the year of Covid-19, wise men became humble because only God can allow such contamination all over the world. This is a certain spiritual battle. Now that the trouble has decreased, God wants us to be free and wise. So, we adapt the cunning of the serpent, but not if we trick, deceive, harm, or injure; and we adapt the gentleness and innocence of the dove, but not if we cannot teach, rebuke, or stand for the truth, but present a positive warmth and understanding.

The Lord is full of compassion, gracious, long-suffering, abundant mercy, truth, and grace. He admonishes all of us to execute true justice, show mercy and compassion to each other. When Jesus saw crowds, he displayed compassion for them. Kindness becomes easier the more we, as believers, practice it. Whoever is wise among us reminded them of Jesus’ saying, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep among wolves.

Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind to one another forgiving each other, just as Christ forgave us.” If we express warmth and follow His example, the world would be heavenly. Paul’s imperative encompasses the Christian life towards one another. He shows key parts of Christian love in this statement, after dealing previously with anger and malice, which have no place in Christian hearts.

Christ taught by his example and behavior towards people. His death on the cross atoned for our sin, bringing us peace with God, redemption, justification, and adoption as his sons and daughters in Christ. He accomplished other things at the cross, proving himself as the perfect example. Remember, he was human with feelings like us. Through God’s generous love, we are not consumed, allowing us to engage in sensitive interest in others. Compassion will increase when we willingly feel and experience the heartaches of others.

 “I cast my bread upon the water, by helping a brother

 struggling on life’s stormy sea. 

I’ve been sowing a good seed, by doing a good deed 

That will come back to me.”

It is amazing how much strength we have during emergencies. Should we view life as a constant emergency? Just think about how much our willpower will expand. It is a wonderful thing to help someone as we pass along; it is also a good feeling of helpfulness. If anyone feels useless, the thing to do is help someone quickly. Someone always needs the kindness of a satisfied Christian.