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Thank you, Mrs. Elise Allen By Denise Jackson, 1st District Peoria City Council

It is hard to forget people like Elise Allen, who you’ve admired and looked up to for decades. Back in the mid-eighties, when I was a student at Bradley University, Mrs. Allen gave me an opportunity to write for the Traveler Newspaper. I was scared and a little apprehensive about approaching her even though I had been reading the newspaper for a while. I took advantage of the opportunity when it was announced that the late national NAACP President Dr. Benjamin Hooks was coming to Peoria back in 1988. I was not only excited to hear from Dr. Hooks in person but thought what a great chance to make the front page of the Traveler newspaper. I have never forgotten that initial conversation with Mrs. Allen. I was nervous and remembered asking her a bunch of questions about writing the article. She had more confidence in my ability than I did! Mrs. Allen was not only beautiful on the outside but internally exuded kindness, compassion and warmth.